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Google maps, GPS, and bicycles: Where have you been today?

Some time ago, the 'big brother' google started the maps service, offering satellite imagery easy to access by everyone. One of the key features in this service, opens access to use their maps thru a well documented API, so you can integrate these maps in your own page, place points of interest or even draw overlaying paths.
Using this API, a PDA and a GPS bluetooth, we'll make a simple approach to automatically draw a route map of our biking excursions.

Exemple de google-maps mostrant el recorregut enregistrat per GPS
Route example

Short phone calls "on the cheap"

Some of you may have already installed your own small PBX using Asterisk, maybe by your own, maybe as part of any of the growing popular wireless communities.
With a little configuration we'll take the capability of make short calls (at least 60 seconds) for free to some countries.

鮪の叩き (Maguro no tataki)

This recipe certainly is not popular among those who don't like sushi once they hear it may contain raw fish. Mainly it's a raw tuna piece, and it's my very personal taste, but I really like it.

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